Confessions of an English Danger Girl

By Austin Playhouse (other events)

7 Dates Through May 09, 2021

Award-winning actor, storyteller, and author, Bernadette Nason returns to Austin Playhouse with this new one-woman storytelling experience running April 23 – May 1, 2021 

Named after her childhood club the Danger Girls, Bernadette Nason’s Confessions of an English Danger Girl takes us through the ups and downs of adolescence through Bernadette’s misadventures while growing up in 60s England. With the Danger Girls club slogan as inspiration, participants will learn of shenanigans, family dramas, and how “Helpful, but Dangerous” plays into Bernadette’s recalled adventures.

Scheduled performances include live audience chat and a q&a with Bernadette after the show!

Ticketholders will be emailed a private viewing link at least 24 hours before their scheduled performance.